Idrija Fly Fishing Festival 2016

Idrija Fly Fishing Festival is the only fly fishing festival in Europe to feature The International Fly Fishing Film Festival™ and the only one that can offer fly fishing experience at the same time.
You will experience loads of fly fishing films, river conservation round tables and discussions, fly tying live demonstrations, exhibitors, casting & tying workshops, fly fishing on Idrijca – famous Slovenian gin clear river that holds the marble trout! Something you don’t want to miss. Come and hangout with us to watch films, talk nature and water, and fly fish for the one!

Exploring Chile

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world (Gustave Flaubert)

This quote really reflects what I felt while exploring Chile, this magnificent and picturesque country. My boyfriend and I started the journey at the very south in Punta Arenas and in one month traveling by bus, we reached the north of Chile, Atacama desert.
Every single day in Chile was an adventure for us, and we truly hope to visit this beautiful country again.
I’m grateful for everyone appearing in in the video, you added authenticity and honesty, so thank you very much!

Directed and Edited by: Rahela Jagric
Chile’s Explorer: Metod Pirc
Music by Tony Anderson : Music Bed
The video was shot with Canon 5D (mark II) with 3 lenses (35mm, 50mm, 85mm) and a GoPrO Hero

Sweet Heart Eater

Ginger hair girl Valentina hates the color of her hair and is convinced that having red
hair is the reason why she hasn’t found a love of her life yet. The most hatred day for her is
February 14th – Valentine’s day. However, an unexpected Valentine’s gift magically transports her to a gingerbread workshop in which she is destined to stay forever, unless she discovers a recipe that will bring her back to reality.

CirkusBook – short version

This Book is a self promotion book for all the people in Cirkus( an Animation company) and their clients. It contains
the best work they’ve done during the past years. And am so lucky to be one of the people who develops ideas for the book and finally made the ideas come true . Here is the short video shot by Rahela Jagric, edited by me and Rahela.

My Two Best Friends

Winner Best Student Drama at the Royal Television Society Awards

About the Film
My Two Best Friends then went on to win the overall title of Best Student production.

The Film was produced as coursework in 2007-8, during the students’ final year of study with the University of Wolverhampton.

Where are they now?
Rahela Jagric followed her undergraduate degree with an MA in Directing at Bournemouth University before returning to her home country to build a career.

Pete Benfield, Matt Bennett, Michalis Michaels and Steve Evans have all embarked on freelance careers making the most of their skills in producing editing, sound and camera.

Coming Home 3D trailer

Coming Home was shot native 3D (in HD, using mirror rig) in 2009 and was my Masters project at Bournemouth University.

Lena has been forced to move home; forced to leave everything she loves behind. Her life has been turned upside down. No longer will she be able to explore the bustling streets of London and delight in playing with her dearest friends. She has arrived in an idyllic country cottage surrounded by vast crop fields; her only company being her parents and the irritating local farm boy … or so she believes. Once Lena begins to explore she discovers the true magical beauty of her new surroundings. By opening her eyes and listening with her heart she finds that truly everything around her is alive.